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Brenda Quintero

Brenda Quintero founded Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm in November 2010 after falling in love with permaculture, gardening, and the beautiful skies of South Lake County.


The farm specializes in fresh culinary & medicinal herbs, herbal tea blends and seasonal organic produce using poly-cropping, companion planting and regenerative, bio-intensive farming practices.  We actively participate in community events centered on local food and housing justice, regenerative forestry, and resilient communities.  We promote Nature as our Source of Physical and Spiritual Medicine.

We offer multi-generational community education and workshops in Living with Nature, Resilient Land Management,  Natural Building and Herbalism.  Permaculture Design Services & Workshop Leadership services, available by request.  Rates for Workshops hosted at YOUR site are typically factored at $50/hr plus travel, or alternatively, by % of ticket sales and minimum deposit.

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