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Friday Oct 20th ~ 8am

to Monday Oct 23rd ~ 3pm

4-Day Garden Wall & Bench Workshop

This 4-day camping workshop will be focused on sourcing free, harvest-able and natural materials for creating beautiful garden structures.  We will learn how to build a bench using free, harvested materials from nature (and sometimes from the waste stream!). Click here for details!

Click HERE for tickets!





Herbal Crash-Course

Join us for a fun-filled day in the herb gardens!  Our day will start with a checkin and an herb walk through our gardens and forested lands to see what is available for medicine.  We will learn about different plants, both cultivated and growing in the wild, what is edible, and which plants should be avoided.  The afternoon will be focused on medicine-making, how to dry different types of herbs, etc.  We will prepare together herbal remedies from our harvests AND of course you will take some home with you!  If there is time, we will go out and harvest together in the wetlands.  The cost is $95 ~ Click here for tickets, and HERE for more information.


Earthen Floors Workshop

Led by skilled teachers in the Natural Building world, we will be laying a floor in the "Toe of the Shoehouse" ~ a student learning platform created by years of scupted cob students!  We are excited to be putting the finishing touches on this little "Glamping" spot for Golden Rocks guests to enjoy for years to come.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. 

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Rocket Stove Workshop

 TBD ~ March 2024




Cob Bench Workshop

TBD ~ May 2024

Cob Oven Workshop

TBD ~ OFFSITE May 2024


Sunday July 24, 2022

8am - 1pm

Rockin' it with Frankie!

Our local rock-work expert Frankie has become almost famous for making amazing spaces with local ROCKS ~  examples of Frankie's work can be found at Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown Art Center, and Golden Rocks Farm!   We will be learning which types of rocks are good for what, how to make awesome garden beds, rock paths, even pillars, with the abundance of our local rocks.  Low-cost day trip, but out of town folks are also encouraged!  Camping and services available, Harbin Hot Springs and other gems close by!  Local drop-ins welcome, but to reserve a spot, get your tickets HERE.

Sunday August 21, 2022

8am - 2pm

Garden Sculpting w/Cob

Brenda's Cob Crash-course.  Learn the basics of building with COB, a mixture of clay, sand and straw, to create beautiful garden structures.  Permaculture principles and activities will be weaved into our lessons and plans.   $95 Workshop Fee.  Click HERE for more details!  And Click HERE for Tickets.


"This has been the most unique workshop I've ever attended. I have a new deeper appreciation of permaculture. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and for your generosity of hearth and spirit."


— Anonymous Cob Sculpting Workshop Participant

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