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I recently received a download from while in meditation and prayer. It was surprisingly brief but super juicy! Here’s what happened:

As I watched from my favorite and most accessible sit-spot to observe what was happening in nature the other morning, my heart quickly began swelling up with the energy of deep gratItude. I began to internalize the visceral JOY that Gratitude brings, vocalizing all the things that came to mind to be grateful for. Then, gently closing my eyes just enough to see light and patterns through them, but not much else, I immediate saw letters, and then noticed it was a short phrase, reading 7 Guiding Pri

nciples. The letters and number 7 were seemingly made of some material that looked like carved stones, and the letters were classic block letters, three-dimensional, with soft, sans serif glowing light-colored font, but sort of a faded, pulsating light emanating from below the surface of the letters. Like the defused light of a partly cloudy day with tree-cast flinching shadows. At some point I flashed on what appeared as black subtitle, also sans serif, reading not so clearly, something about Manifesting, or maybe Manifestation and one or two other small words around it that I couldn’t make out so good.

All this I took in in a fuzzy flash before my eyes. The first cognitive thought I remember having was, “Does ‘Guiding’ have 7 letters??”

Quickly my “virgo” mind glanced over the image being revealed in my mind to count the letters, and came up with eight! But as i glanced again to double-check, I noticed that the letters in the word “Guiding” began drifting downward, as if spelling something out in a vertical crossword puzzle. The very first word on the first letter “G” clearly read Gratitude!!, and I thought, NICE! The next letter read USE. I recall thinking,”what in the heck does that mean?” And then a strong and confident inner voice spoke up and said “USE of Time, Use of your individual Gift of Life Energy in this lifetime.”

At this point the actual image of the word “Guiding” began to get fuzzy, and there became a more direct knowing and a feeling of getting a direct download to my intuitive Self, from something outside of myself. My angels, helpers and Guides, most likely. No doubt, the Stars, my Ancestors, my loved ones who now reside in the ethers somehow, some magical way.

In no time at all, the remaining letters disclosed the words that each letter represented in a clear and straightforward manner, and I focused on the knowingness of this information, taking in a visual representation of the words vertically dangling from each letter in the word “Guiding”. I then began to fill up with bliss, overwhelming Joy and Gratitude! I recall reveling in that place for some deliciously fulfilling moments, and then begin to pull out of my brief meditation, gradually drifting into my morning awareness…..and easing into the beginnings of my morning routine.

Sometime between feeding the chickens, and feeding myself, I suddenly realized that OMG!! I had received this tremendous and precious gift! DOWNLOADED!! My own personal roadmap to my heart’s desire! THIS IS IMPORTANT! I MUST WRITE down these words!

I was so excited later that morning, to be sharing the details of the downloaded information with my roommate. As I read aloud from my scratchy notes, describing each letter and the words it spelled out, it gradually occurred to me that I can actually speak about each of these topics, and quite competently, as they relate to my life practices and experiences as a permaculture farmer, as a plant medicine woman, and as an Earth Keeper!! AMAZING!!

While holding conversation about the words and what to do with them, Shane suddenly lights up and declares “YES! AND NOW you can write a BLOG! One per week covering each letter in seven weeks!!” Then he throws me one of those twinkling-eyed smiles, the the kind of twinkle that seems to have etheric shooting stars around it that shoot right at you, lighting up your face! I just had to chuckle inside….WOW….what a beautiful world I live in! I LOVE the way Great Spirit shows up in every corner of my life! I love the way the energy of the Earth Mama is always right there, holding me.

How WONDERFUL it has been to have had the opportunity to be steeped in the permaculture movement, as a collaborator and organizer, as a plant medicine woman, as a teacher of earthen building, as a local foods activist, and as an Earth Keeper and keeper of space, stories and songs, and, this morning especially, to have been the grateful recipient of cosmic downloads!!!

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