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Goodbye 2020 ~ Hello 2021!!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

WELCOME to a New Year! It seems so sweet to turn the calendar, a fresh start after such a difficult and unpredictable 2020. There's a brand new chapter waiting to unfold here at Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm....

Slow and steady, the winter sun rises low in the southeast. Chilly mornings funnel banks of fog through west-facing canyon lands, moistening the landscape with possibilities. Sprouts of unknown life spring forth, beaconing the rains to replenish our scorched lands, bless us with dampened forests and babbling creeks once more.

As I look back at 2020, such a story of unknowns, deep questioning, a story of ideals, of travelers roaming in dangerous times. A time of regenerative concepts planted in the rich, fertile soil of like-minded community. Echos of laughter, song and firelight dance circles in the space, setting an intention for spring students to flock here. And I, joyous steward, have the honor of holding space and playing witness to the magic in motion. Loving community cultivated in the glowing days of autumn continues to feed us deep into the quietude of winter.

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for my son Dustin, who tirelessly contributes his skills and loving devotion to our family farm. I’d also like to thank Harii and Kingston who have seen us through in times of need, and have made a significant contribution to furthering the farms’ endeavors over the past few months. A big "Thank you" to Friends of the Farm and former residents who continue to sweeten the landscape with their presence and presents (Shane, Gaia, Margie and others), and MUCH gratitude for the team of 2020 student volunteers: Anna, Cameron, Christopher & Seble, Ruby & Tommi, Stephanie & Khadak, and Emily ~ a HUGE THANK YOU for coming to learn and grow with us!

Together we: learned to sculpt cob, finishing "Emilie's Flower Wall" in the shoe house; learned all about natural plasters & paints and completed interior and exterior walls on three different structures; finished installing Pallet House and Art Studio floors utilizing remanufactured waste wood; successfully hosted a "Socially-Distanced Cob Pizza Oven Workshop"; made compost teas and planted winter crops; practiced sustainable wild harvesting, native species identification and regenerative forestry. We have learned much about ourselves, each other, and about our relationship to the natural world, all while discovering many ways that we can live in reciprocity with nature.

YOU, my dear friends, represent our collective dream of living in a world where Mother Earth is honored and supported ~ to spread good works on our planet, connecting local and global communities through LOVE and permaculture in action!!

Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm is currently recruiting student volunteers and interns for our spring program. Check us out at

Stay tuned for our 2021 Spring Workshops Schedule! Outdoor Ed is the “New Thing”….Socially distanced, safely connecting, and SWEET!!

May we all continue to be guided towards a regenerative future for Planet Earth and all her inhabitants in 2021!

Love, Light & Beauty ~


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