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2 Day Traditional

Hogan Roof Workshop 


April 28 - 29, 2018




This 2-day workshop will be focused on building a customized version of a traditional Navajo Hogan Roof for our "Shoe House" ~ a sculpted cob children's play area shaped like a shoe! Come play with us as we learn to reclaim materials from the waste stream and make cool stuff!  Teachings include "Do-It-Yourself" know-how, such as hand-milling round wood, de-barking burnt trees and using logs and a variety of other used materials for roofing small sheds and/or play structures.  We will also touch on use of natural products for preserving and protecting round wood rot and infestation.


Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm is a woman-owned  operation and was founded in 2010.  We specialize in teaching natural building concepts, herbalism and medicine-making, and producing fresh herbs, herbal tea blends and seasonal organic produce using  regenerative and bio-intensive farming practices.  We consider ourselves "Better than Organic" and ban GMOs, pesticides and other harmful inputs. Through the permaculture lens, concepts of Earth Care; People Care; and Fair Share are played out in the gardens and in the community we serve. 


Golden Rocks Permaculture offers community, scenic views and silent spaces, gardens, rural camping, outdoor community kitchen area and outdoor shower hookup for student visitors. We also have low-cost dorm style accommodations and a separate room available for rent if you prefer to sleep indoors.


Workshops are inclusive of a loving mid-day meal from our organic gardens. Coffee, tea, spring water and healthy snacks are provided as well.  


Cost for the 2-day workshop is $150  and includes onsite camping at beautiful Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm located in Middletown, Lake County, CA.  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Want to attend but don't have any dough? Work Traders NEEDED!! Hit us up if you are interested :)

Grandma's Shoe House
Grandma's Shoe House
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