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Workshops & Retreats @ Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm

Earthen Plasters & Paints

2-Day Intensive w/Camping June 4-5, 2022

YOU are invited to a fun-filled 2-day workshop in beautiful Lake County! Come learn and play with us as we explore using earthen materials to create dwellings with beautiful and vibrant colors on interior and exterior walls. THE PROJECT: Our Shoe House is a cute little student learning platform. The "toe" of the shoe is what we will be working on, and will function as an outdoor "glamping" (fancy camping) spot for visitors to the farm. We will be putting our finishing touches and getting plenty of hands-on practice in mixing, coloring, and applying plasters, both lime and clay mixes. You will all have the opportunity for artistic impressions while we learn how to mix paints with lime and earth-based natural materials, explore the many options available for natural pigments, and practice making art! We will also be installing precious stones and other things from nature directly into the plaster, permanently fixing designs to exterior and interior walls. We will also be sculpting an alter and painting an image of "Guadelupe", the Mexican rendition of the Virgin Mary onto our outdoor alter space. Our Workshop leaders will be guiding us through the basic building concepts for temporary and permanent applications of a sculpted cob structure, and explain how this will function as our Natural Building Student Learning Center. Our aim is to impart knowledge about utilizing materials from the waste stream and to promote building with natural, toxin-free materials to create a warm, cozy and functional shelters. Resident teacher Brenda Quintero has over ten years of experience in Natural Building and leading workshops. Brenda is the owner and founder of Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm, a woman and minority-owned business in Lake County. Cost for the full 2-day workshop is $295 and includes lunch daily and onsite camping at beautiful Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm located in Middletown, Lake County, CA.

The workshop participants will enjoy shared community kitchen space, access to outdoor shower and bath tub, nightly camp fires and plenty of song, fellowship and story-telling. Meals are always made with love and care, with many ingredients grown right hear on the farm! Upgrade to dorm room or camper is limited, so register early if you'd like an indoor spot! Families welcome! Attendees under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Group, family and senior discounts available. Inquire within for further information. Want to attend but don't have any dough? Work Traders NEEDED!! Hit us up if you are interested, email

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