• Brenda Quintero

Sea of Roses

The ultimate LOVE scene ~ a trail of rose petals leading to a delicious love nest.

The ultimate bath ~ colorful rose petals floating atop steaming ripples.

The ultimate romance ~ a bouquet of red roses peeking out from crisp paper wrapping.

The ultimate garden setting ~ rose vines gracefully winding up garden walls, a scattering of petals on earthen floor...

Roses reach in and touch us in incomprehensible ways, often leaving a decisive mark in the timeline of our lives.

Herbalists and makers of all sorts use rose to reach into our senses, to underscore the brilliance and effectiveness of their offerings, to attract and beautify. Ancients considered roses to be of the highest spiritual essence, transcendent connection to the divine!

Scientifically proven to ease the mind, relax the body, and make well the Spirit, roses are now in season! See our deliciously seductive tea blends featuring this season's fresh-dried, colorful pedals, available now in our herb shop.

We even made a special gift set for Mother's Day!

May beauty and healing be yours to savor ~ May you stop, smell the roses, and let the magnificent fragrance fill your sensual Spirit!

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