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Empowering Women's Cob Workshop

Here at Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm, we are still "basking in the glow" from the amazing audience of Sculpted Cob Work-shoppers who we had the honor of hosting this month. To those of you who attended, thank you so very much for your support of our farm, for your Love, and for your courage to explore these earthen paths of the heart. We so appreciate you!!

As I look out my bedroom window each morning I see aglow this amazing earthen structure coming to life. I imagine a world where we are free to choose our dwellings... to be one with the natural elements of this earthen planet we live on... to shelter ourselves in a way that shapes our being-ness, our lives, and our individuality.

I LOVE what I do!! More than that, I LOVE the SOULS who show up to participate in our workshops. It's as though some of the brightest, most loving people are attracted to this work! This past workshop is a brilliant reminder of this fact. But what keeps me motivated, is another matter. It's what YOU take away, that makes my heart truly sing!

I get to witness You arriving, with your courage and your road-weariness, with your curiosity and hunger for something different, something, dare I say, sustainable. I witness the stress melting, the healing that happens when bare toes and fingers play in mud. I witness life-long friendships forming and reconnecting, beautiful people moving through their life process with deep support from the earth mother's grounding energy. We enjoy laughter, tears, song, knowledge-sharing, unforgettable conversations and energizing organic food. In the mud, our souls connect in ways we had not known before....bridging generations and lifetimes.

A very special "Thank YOU" to farm staff Monica and Jed, and work-traders Dayo, Anna, Sam, Regina and Danny, without whose help we would not have had such a successful event! YOU are so appreciated!!

We hope to see our students back for the upcoming "Advanced Cob Sculpting" workshop, centered on "Balance". New students are welcome to register IF you've had basic cob training, as we will not cover basic concepts in this advanced workshop. For registration and information, check out our workshop page.

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