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Dedication of Annual Workshop

Each morning I wake to the glow of the morning sun shining outside of my bedroom window. The

Grandma's Shoe House

golden light floods the branches of a large, broad oak which towers over a golden-light-filled Sculpted Cob Shoe House ~ it’s brown and red tones now lit with brilliance. In my waking state, still foggy with dreamtime, I see playful, happy people, the faces of all those beautiful people who have worked and learned on our Shoe House project. There have been many now, some of whom carry that glow, always.

Last year we had a tragic loss in our Cob Family. One of my cob students met her death in a brutal, shocking way. Her name was Emilie. Emilie was one of those students who GLOWED, always. She brought positive vibration and genuine love to each soul she touched. In her short life, her impact was profound. Her stated life mission was simply, LOVE. This is what her friends say of her:

“So blessed to have such a loving and supportive community held together by the spirit of one of the most amazing people and dearest friends my life has known, Emilie Juliette Inman. She lives in those who loved her, and her love is now our love, and it goes on and on and on." Minea Bisset

Emilie Juiliette Inman

Emilie Juliette Inman, sweet eternal goddess, you left your physical form exactly a year ago today. I love you so deeply, and keep deepening my love with you through loving others unconditionally, through creating, through healing, through empowering, through inspiring, through running barefoot in the redwood forest, swimming naked in the ocean, painting my body, embracing darkness, walking in strength, power, and truth, living with your soul living through me in so many ways, I feel you mama.” Lili Nakita Kroutilina

Emilie’s Spirit lives on in our lives, inspiring us to Sing, Dance, Love Fiercely, have Compassion and MAKE ART! It is for all these reasons and more, that we dedicate our Annual Women’s Empowerment Cob-Sculpting Workshop to the memory of Emilie, and the Life-Force that she continues to encourage us to BE.

In this 3-day gathering, we will be delving in working on “Grandma’s Shoe House”, an outdoor meditation space and children’s play area shaped like a shoe! The weekend will be filled with Dreaming, Ceremony, Music and lots of content on HOW to build a small sculpted cob structure. On-site camping and daily organic lunches are included.

If YOU would like to tap into this amazing event, it is OPEN. Find details about the farm and the workshop, check out our Facebook page:

To join us for the workshop, purchase tickets here:

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