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Annual Cob Family Gathering 2018

Dear Golden Rocks Permaculture Friends and Cob Family ~

In the beginning....

It is so surreal looking back at this picture of us raising the very first pallets! It's been a long many have dedicated their time, talent and love in the "Pallet House" since its inception in 2016.

This project began as a response to the housing crisis in the aftermath of the Valley Fire. Now, several years into our recovery, many have passed on. Many have moved on. Many shifts have come in shocking and profound ways. Still, this little casita is blossoming into a living, breathing piece of Community ART, and has been a deeply moving incubator for many muddy fingers and toes! So much laughter, so many tears too. I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!

Now, as we plan for the Annual Cob Family Gathering, it feels SO GOOD to celebrate completion of our functional little "Herb-drying shed" aka "The Pallet House." Together we'll add the final layer of LOVE, Earthen plasters, paints, beautiful artistic expressions, curvy lines and smooth, soft finishes to this beloved project.

But most importantly, its reconnecting with YOU that I'm really excited about! Life has been full and hard!! But the abundance of the season is with us, and we shall share fun times, great food, brilliant starry nights, LOVE, LAUGHTER and SONG! We shall add the final layers of LOVE and ART to this beautiful little Casita!!!

Please RSVP if you plan on coming! Here's the details on Facebook:

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